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Cracking carriers' networks since 2013

CarrierCrack - Global (iOS 14) - 1.0.6

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NOTE: If you have the iOS 13 CarrierCrack and an A13 or older iPhone, you may continue using it on iOS 14. For those receiving the "signal (9)" error, the problem is with the latest versions of Unc0ver and its r/w permissions on the RFS. Not the tweak. You will need to use Succession to restore your device and then redo the Jailbreak.

Fully Supported carriers:

-T-Mobile USA



-Rogers (iPhone 12 series only)


1.0.0: Initial T-Mobile USA support

1.0.1: Updated to add signal and data speed enhancements

1.0.2: Added support for AT&T

1.0.3: Added support for Verizon

1.0.4: Enables Standalone 5G on iPhone 12 series devices below iOS 14.5

1.0.5: Fixes a bug that prevented the Standalone 5G from displaying for T-Mobile USA users

1.0.6: Activates Standalone 5G on AT&T, Verizon, and Rogers